Happy Hour of the Week: The Tin Table

This sparkly new Capitol Hill bar and restaurant has half-price bottles five nights a week, plus plenty of peoplewatching.

March 13, 2009

HOURS: Tue-Sun 3-6
PRICES: Half-price bottles of select wine and champagne, $2 beer
$3-$7 plates

Seattle newcomers: Please do not confuse The Tin Table with The Tin Hat or The Tin Room.

The Tin Hat is an awesome dive in Ballard where dogs belly up to the bar alongside their owners and pinball is treated hella seriously. The Tin Room is a neighborhood restaurant/bar in Burien with perfect cocktails. The Tin Table, however, is a brand new champagne bar and restaurant across the hall from the Century Ballroom, (owner is Hallie Kuperman, who also owns the Ballroom) on the second floor of the Oddfellows Building. It’s named for an ornate tin door that’s been repurposed as an tabletop for communal dining.

Walking in, the first thing you’ll notice is an oohy-aahy glass wall lined with sparkly stemware of various shapes, signaling the focus on wine and champagne—the menu features seven by the glass sparklers and bubbly-based cocktails abound. There are three distinct seating areas: a snag-a-seat-if-you-can plush lounge area behind the wall o’glasses; a long shiny bar in the middle, and a dining area with plenty of 2- and 4-tops—plus the ginormous tin table—to the right. In other words, there’s plenty of room for you and yours at happy hour, but come early if you are looking to lounge.

The HH runs from 3-6 Tuesday through Sunday and the best part of it is this: half-price bottles of select wine and champagne. The second best part, if you’re an Italian lager lover (and who isn’t, really?) is $2 pints of Peroni. Food specials range from $3 shoestring fries to a $7 plate of pasta and a burger-and-fries special with a vegan option. Peoplewatching/eavesdropping is good—I’d rate it a seven out of 10—the diverse dancer folk from next store seem to wander in frequently, making for an interesting crowd.

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