Take a seat at the upstairs bar at Madison Park Conservatory and you’ll notice the banks of bottles containing all manner of house-made elixirs. They’re the work of Maggie Savarino, MPC’s manager, all-around spirits maven and now author of her own season-by-season guide to DIY cocktail projects. The delightfully feisty Savarino is teaching a class of the holiday spirits persuasion at Book Larder December 5. Be advised: grab your tickets now. The class costs just $15, and given Savarino’s local following it’s likely to fill up fast.

In addition to bringing back its Monday night fried chicken dinners, Spring Hill has changed up its happy hour. The discounted beer, wine and food action happens Tuesday through Saturday, from 5 to 6:30 in both bar and dining room. Draft beers (the classics from Georgetown Brewing) are $3.50, some wines by the glass are $6 and a selection of “tumbler drinks” go for $4. A nine-item happy hour food menu runs a tasty gamut from a $5 plate of beets with apples and bacon to a grilled bavette steak with blue cheese for $8. Also of interest: chef Mark Fuller’s chicken-fried veal sweetbreads and chicken liver pate with a whole wheat waffle.

Lest you forget, Thursday November 17 is the Fete de Beaujolais Nouveau, though “Beaujolais Day” also has a nice, rhyming ring to it. Here are a few spots where you can partake in the celebrating. And over on Nosh Pit we’ve listed a host of other delightful events, many of them similarly awash in booze.

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