PubliCalendar Picks: The 46th District Democrats

Tonight's don't-miss event from the PubliCalendar.

06/16/2011 By Erica C. Barnett


PubliCalendar Picks: Obama, the Tea Party, and Civil Liberties

The hot To Do from the PubliCalendar.

06/15/2011 By Andrew Calkins


PubliCalendar Picks: Questions for the Candidates

Tonight: Serious questions.

06/14/2011 By Josh Feit


PubliCalendar Picks: El Sonido on KEXP

Latin Music tonight on KEXP.

06/13/2011 By Kyle Fuller


PubliCalendar Picks: Redistricting Commission in Seattle

Attention Legislative Nerds: Tonight is your chance to weigh in on Washington's redistricting process

06/13/2011 By Andrew Calkins


PubliCalendar Picks

Listen to award winning jazz and buy some art. And help an urgent cause.

06/10/2011 By Kyle Fuller


Tuesday at the Movies

A pair of outstanding documentaries are on tonight's SIFF calendar.

06/07/2011 By Kyle Fuller


SIFF: Local Film Debuts as State Snubs Local Film Industry

Homegrown film debuts at SIFF tonight as legislature closes local film subsidies.

05/26/2011 By Josh Feit


Erica C. Barnett at Transportation Forum

For transportation nerds only, Erica is speaking on transportation policy after work today.

05/05/2011 By Andrew Calkins