UW Professor of Communications David Domke is the guest speaker at the ACLU's annual membership meeting Thursday night (non-members are welcome and encouraged).

Domke will be talking about post-2008 American politics: Obama, the Tea Party, the anti-union backlash. That does kind of sum up the last two-and-a-half years, though I'd add crazy weather, the recession and the Middle East.

Here's what Domke adds: What does it all mean for civil liberties in America? Interesting.

Domke, in fact, does sound like an interesting guy; he co-authored an article a few years back titled "Masculinity as political strategy: George W. Bush, the 'war on terrorism,' and an echoing press."

Here's a piece of that article:
The strategy unfolded in a series of simultaneous discursive emphases. First, the president worked to (re)construct a highly masculinized identity by presenting his views as having crystalline clarity and being definitively decided. The benefits of this discursive control strategy were that Bush, by representing himself as bold, focused, and certain, recaptured the “tough Texan” identity that had previously served his political fortunes so well and also likely went some distance toward gaining control over media reception of his message.

That nugget almost makes me want to go back to school as a Communications major. Seeing his lecture at the ACLU dinner is probably the next best thing.

MOHAI, 2700 24th Avenue East 7PM-9PM. Free. Suggested donation $10 ($5 for students).

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