Well kids, SIFF is starting to wind down. It's the last week of the festival and tonight they're screening a couple of exceptional documentaries.

Kinshasa Symphony, Neptune Theatre, 7pm

They say music can bring people together, and as someone who just went to a 70,000-plus concert on Saturday (yep, I was there) I can attest to that fact.

But this documentary looks at music from a different angle. This isn't about yuppies getting down to Bono's cause du jour.

Kinshasa is the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, home to some of the poorest people in the world. But it's also home to the only symphony orchestra in Central Africa. This film follows the orchestra as it gets ready for a performance, documenting the rehearsals as well as the struggles the musicians in their everyday lives.

It also documents their boisterous outdoor concert as thousands of fans escape their poverty to rock out at the symphony.

PressPausePlay, SIFF Cinema, 9:15pm

Social networking, blogs, and YouTube, have become the new lucky break—outlets for starving artists to get their work out.

Most of these "artists" make us want to toss our Macs out the window and gouge out our eyes. ("Friday" anyone?)

But there are others who've produced gems using today's technology to their advantage, bypassing the bureaucracy and middlemen to go straight to the public. PressPausePlay focuses on those gems, and how artists used the new media to break through with their films, novels, and music.

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