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David Mikkelson Sorts Fact from Fiction with Snopes.com

“News is kind of like housework. It’s not a finite task. It’s not something you finish.”

12/18/2018 By Jessica Voelker

Breaking News

Uniqlo Confirms Seattle-Area Location

At long last, the Japanese fast-fashion brand announces a Seattle-area opening.

04/06/2015 By Amanda Zurita

Breaking News

Rumor Mill: Uniqlo Registers with the State

We're one step closer to Japanese fast fashion in the Emerald City.

03/05/2015 By Amanda Zurita

Baseless Speculations

Mario Batali Drops Seattle Restaurant Tease on Twitter

He's probably not serious. Right?

08/05/2013 By Allecia Vermillion

Culinary Conjecture

Is Seattle Getting a José Andrés–Concepted Restaurant?

A slick hotel project downtown will include two restaurants and a bar. And the Spanish chef just happens to be the hotel company's culinary director.

02/19/2013 By Allecia Vermillion

He Said, She Said

Uniqlo Rumor Mill

It's official, the Japanese fast-fashion brand has a West Coast outpost—but it's not in Seattle. We shake down the rumor mill to see if a location near us is in the works.

02/12/2013 By Amanda Zurita

Burning Questions

What Is Top Chef's Richard Blais Doing in Seattle?

The fauxhawked Atlanta chef has a project in the works with a local company.

01/16/2013 By Allecia Vermillion

Action Items

Restaurant Shifts and Shakeups

This week: Texas-style wings come to Bellevue, Maria Hines plans restaurant number three, Coastal Kitchen reopens.

10/19/2012 By Sabina Cao

Action Items

Restaurant Shifts and Shakeups

This week: Tom Douglas plans four new eateries, Il Corvo scouts a bigger home, and a long-awaited food truck makes it debut.

10/12/2012 By Sabina Cao