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What Is Top Chef's Richard Blais Doing in Seattle?

The fauxhawked Atlanta chef has a project in the works with a local company.

By Allecia Vermillion January 16, 2013


Two-time Top Chef contestant (and all-star season winner) Richard Blais set off a flurry of speculation on the interwebs with this tweet last night. We were going to craft some elaborate guesses, but these guys have done it for us.

In addition to the obvious suspects (Starbucks, Amazon, etc.) I'll throw out the idea of newbie ChefSteps.com. Based on his hotel location and this photo, Blais seems to be hanging out in Pioneer Square. Though who isn't, these days?

Any speculation on what company is wooing one of Top Chef's most popular and highest-stress contestants? More importantly, where is he eating?

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