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Rumor Mill: Uniqlo Registers with the State

We're one step closer to Japanese fast fashion in the Emerald City.

By Amanda Zurita March 5, 2015

Prepare yourself for this Thursday-morning news:
Uniqlo is coming to Seattle. 

Image via Uniqlo

The Puget Sound Business Journal reported this morning that Uniqlo's U.S. branch has registered with the Washington Secretary of State Office's corporations division (which we confirmed via the division's registration data search). To break down what that means: Any corporation that is incorporated (or headquartered) in a different state must legally register as a corporation in a new state before it can do any business there. Fast Retailing Inc., which owns Uniqlo, is incorporated in New York.

Even better, a source-not-to-be-named told PSBJ that the company has found a location in Seattle.

Uniqlo has not, however, filed for a business license nor made any sort of announcement on its website—so don't expect to see "coming soon" signs going up tomorrow. 

All of this does add up to our tip in May of 2013 that a local outpost wouldn't be on the radar until at least 2015. That time is now, people.

After three years of chasing this rumor, it seems we might be really getting somewhere. We're keeping our nose to the ground for any new developments. Stay tuned.

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