Melrose Market’s New Tenant: Taylor Shellfish Farms

The Capitol Hill food mecca is about to get even tastier.

01/05/2011 By Christopher Werner


Homegrown’s Halloween Costume Contest

You’ll have to get creative, because we guarantee you don’t have this costume lying around your basement.

10/27/2010 By Kathryn Robinson


The Sitka and Spruce Reboot

How is the restaurant settling into its new Melrose Market digs? Seattle Met’s critic finds out.

09/27/2010 By Christopher Werner

Food Finds

Taste of the Town: Katherine Anderson

Between jaunts to her Snoqualmie farm, the Marigold and Mint owner fills us in on her favorite foods.

09/02/2010 By Judy Naegeli


Sambar’s Jay Kuehner Also Behind the Bar at Bar Ferd’nand

Look for him in the Melrose Market, early in the week.



New Hours for Homegrown

Including—bonus!—a late-night weekend menu.

08/09/2010 By Christopher Werner

Food Lovers' Guide

Shopping List

Our favorite new culinary destinations around town: Claudio Corallo, Paris Grocery, Fumie’s Gold, Georgetown Farmers Market, Kings BBQ House, Melrose Market, Picnic, Savour, and Street Treats.

07/19/2010 By Jessica Voelker


Another Melrose Market Opening to Report: Matthew Dillon’s Bar Ferd’nand

Two openings in two days for the Capitol Hill food center.

07/13/2010 By Christopher Werner


Capitol Hill Homegrown Opens

Late-night menu, dinner service to follow in coming months.

07/12/2010 By Christopher Werner


Sale of the Week: Velouria

Tes de Luna’s indie enterprise turns sweet six, celebrates from July 5-11

07/02/2010 By Laura Cassidy


More Delays for Homegrown in the Melrose Market

Plus: Terra Plata is a go.

06/30/2010 By Christopher Werner


Speed Bumps for Homegrown

The sandwich shop pushes back Melrose Market opening.

06/21/2010 By Christopher Werner


Two Iconic Restaurants Settle into New Digs

We’re pumped: Sitka and Spruce, Flying Fish 2.0 open this week.

05/25/2010 By Christopher Werner


A Peek at Homegrown’s Forthcoming Late-Night Menu

Are we seeing a trend here? Hopefully.

04/23/2010 By Christopher Werner


First Look: Inside the Melrose Project

Plus: an update from Sitka and Spruce’s Matthew Dillon.

04/20/2010 By Christopher Werner


New on Butcher’s Block

Rain Shadow Meats and Bill the Butcher’s Mad Valley location.

04/19/2010 By Christopher Werner


The Calf and Kid Sets Opening Date

The long-awaited cheese shop is finally ready for business.

04/14/2010 By Christopher Werner


Two New Specialty Shops Set to Open in the Melrose Project

First-time business owners bring artisanal touches to the urban marketplace.

03/11/2010 By Tiffany Wan