First Look: Inside the Melrose Project

Plus: an update from Sitka and Spruce’s Matthew Dillon.

By Christopher Werner April 20, 2010


The Melrose Project on Capitol Hill is shaping up to be quite the food lover’s Eden.

The triangular building sprawled between Pike and Pine is home to cheese shop The Calf and Kid and butcher Rain Shadow Meats, both of which debut Friday. Already open is Marigold and Mint, a flower shop whose owner, Katherine Anderson, hopes to operate a produce delivery service and stock seasonal foodstuffs. And perhaps the most anticipated tenant is the reincarnated Sitka and Spruce, relocating from the former Eastlake digs now housing Nettletown.

I just spoke with Sitka owner Matthew Dillon. He anticipates construction on his much-loved restaurant will be complete around May 10; if all goes as planned, the opening will take place a week thereafter. Dillon is also teaming up with Corson Building sommelier Marc Papineau and wine guy Jared Baily to launch Bar Ferd’nand, which will sit across from Sitka and Spruce.

At once a wine bar, noshing spot, and retail outlet, Bar Ferd’nand will offer simple foods such as fish, oysters, nuts, and olives, Dillon says. Expect that to open several weeks after Sitka.

To get a sneak peek of Sitka and Spruce and Bar Ferd’nand, and to see how the rest of Melrose Project is shaping up, click the photo above.

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