Last week the restaurant world was abuzz with lots of big news—some good, some bad: Brasa closed. Marjorie opened. Word came Ethan Stowell is shuttering Union, making way for a new venture in Ballard. This week, more tidbits to report. Exciting, happy ones.

First, Sitka and Spruce. Matthew Dillon’s venerated small plates temple opens to the public Wednesday, May 26 in the Melrose Market. The original Sitka resided in that teensy Eastlake storefront now known as Nettletown; Sitka II is similarly cozy, though the lofty Melrose marketplace befits Dillon’s mighty attractive, L-shaped space, made even more airy by a sizeable wall of windows.

Dillon’s doing dinner only the first couple of weeks (Tuesday through Sunday 5:30pm-11pm), but come June 15 hours will extend to include weekday breakfast and lunch, 8am-11am and 11am-2:30pm, respectively, along with a weekend brunch, available 9:30am-2:30pm.

Christine Keff unveils Flying Fish’s new digs in South Lake Union on Friday, May 28. After 15 years on the corner of First and Bell, Keff shuttered Fish on May 3, one of several biggies to join Belltown’s disconcerting restaurant exodus. Keff announced in January she would relocate to 300 Westlake Avenue North as part of the crazy huge Vulcan development.