Homegrown’s Halloween Costume Contest

You’ll have to get creative, because we guarantee you don’t have this costume lying around your basement.

By Kathryn Robinson October 27, 2010

What would you do for this sandwich?

We know how much you love Homegrown, that land of all-natural, insanely tasty sandwiches served in sustainable packaging in two locations—-Melrose Market and Fremont—-with another opening next month on Queen Anne.

Well do you love it this much? Because the Homegrown gents just wrote to inform us that on Halloween this Sunday, anyone who comes into Homegrown dressed as the Earl of Sandwich or the Count of Monte Cristo gets his/her sandwich free and is entered into their Earl of the Year contest.

And what is the Earl of the Year contest, you ask? It’s the contest that awards the most creative and most unique costumes with homegrown gift cards and free tee-shirts and totes.

We are talking powdered wigs and coats that have tails, people. On the other hand…we are talking spicy jalapeno meatloaf sandwiches made with organic chuck, whole milk cheddar, Zoe’s bacon, horseradish Dijon, hazelnut Romesco, and mixed greens on whole-grain. Man we love this joint.

Where’s that powdered wig again?

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