A Peek at Homegrown’s Forthcoming Late-Night Menu

Are we seeing a trend here? Hopefully.

By Christopher Werner April 23, 2010

To those who disparage the dearth of late-night grubbin’ here in Seattle, console yourself with this thought: nighttime noshing is on the up.

Shortly after the new year came downtown’s The Night Kitchen, serving until the absurd hour of 9am. When Heartland Cafe opened in West Seattle weeks ago, word came they’d offer weekend breakfast until 3:30am. Soon to join the party: Homegrown.

Sandwich extraordinaires Ben Friedman and Brad Gillis are planning to introduce a Friday-and-Saturday late-night menu (“til at least 2am”) for their second storefront on Melrose Avenue, expected to open in June.

So far the menu is slated to include a deep-fried version of the Bluffernutter sandwich (homemade marshmallow cream, peanut butter, and bacon), catfish hushpuppies with spicy po’boy dipping sauce, and “a ridiculous combination” of grilled flank steak, french fries, and bleu cheese, according to Friedman.

Sorry, Fremonsters, no plans for early AM feasting at Homegrown’s Fremont Ave location—yet. “If it does well, we’ll consider adding it to [that] menu,” explains Friedman.

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