Sporting Life

The Craziest Seahawks Ticket Offers on Craigslist

Got some guns or Justin Timberlake tickets lying around? You can go to the game this weekend.

01/17/2014 By Matthew Halverson

Sporting Life

The 9 Most Ridiculous Seahawks Products You Can Buy Right Now

But please, don’t buy them. They’re awful.

01/15/2014 By Matthew Halverson

Go Hawks

Where to Watch the Seahawks’ First Playoff Game

Watch Seattle face off against New Orleans—with a crowd and a beer in hand.

01/07/2014 By Sara Hendrickson


Welcome Home, Husky Fans

After an almost–two-year renovation, UW’s Husky Stadium reopens on August 31.

08/01/2013 By Karen Taylor Quinn

Good Causes

A Benefit for the Family of a Former Husky Football Great

Taste at SAM partners up with Richard Thomas and family.

04/09/2013 By Seattle Met Staff

Game Day

Seahawks Sunday: Where to Watch, Cheer...and Drink

These establishments will be open bright and early when the Seahawks suit up in Atlanta for their 10am game.

01/09/2013 By Danielle Zorn

Athletic Supporters

UW Football: There Will Be Beer

The Huskies have bid farewell to the days of dry football games, at least for a season. Here's where, and how, to drink at the CLink.

08/31/2012 By Carter Haaland

Food and Drink Events

Nosh Pit Weekly Planner

This Week: opening days, closing days, chats about football, benefit dinners, and more.

04/23/2012 By Brandon L. Bye

Arts & Culture

Showdown In C-Town: Which Team Will Reach .500?!?!?!?!?

The race to the bottom continues.

10/21/2011 By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee


Pigskin Perp

Seattle Times reporters Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry, from their book, Scoreboard, Baby, about the thug-riddled 2000 Huskies’ championship-winning football team.



Pregame Pig Out

Tips for scoring a culinary touchdown while tailgating from Skillet’s Josh Henderson.

10/11/2010 By Jess Thomson


Can Jake Locker Save Husky Football?

The University of Washington hasn’t had a winning football season in six years, and the last great squad is known more for its criminal activity than for its wins. This season, as fans and alumni clamor for the dismissal of the legendary coach hired to pu

12/27/2008 By Roger Brooks