In case you haven’t heard, Mayor Murray and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock announced on Monday their Super Bowl wager. And it sucks: Like, Hancock gets a bike and some crab and Murray has to wear Broncos pajamas for a day if Denver wins, and Murray gets some skis and green chilis (huh?) and Hancock has to wear a Macklemore-inspired thrift shop outfit if the Seahawks win. Seriously, guys, just … don’t.

On the other hand, we at Seattle Met are excited to announce the bet we just inked with the staff of 5280, Denver’s city magazine. It’s pretty simple: If the Seahawks win, 5280 will donate 48 footballs—this is, after all, Super Bowl 48—to Greater Seattle Youth Football and Cheer, an inner-city league that teaches football and life fundamentals to kids between 5 and 14. (Its organizers also became viral stars when Fox Sports challenged them to watch the NFC Championship game in complete silence.)

And on the off-chance that the Broncos win, Seattle Met will donate 48 balls to the Volunteers of America Youth Programs. "We're extremely excited about this friendly wager,” says Remy Spreeuw, publisher of 5280. “While we admit the Broncos have met their defensive match in the Seahawks, our boys are fueled by what Seattle lacks: unassailable team spirit, and Peyton Manning. Regardless, we are proud to take part in a bet that will ultimately be beneficial for our respective cities.” 

“Remy Spreeuw and the 5280 crew put out a top-notch magazine every month,” says Seattle Met associate publisher Alysse Bryson. “So we have full faith that they’ll write very eloquently about the Broncos’ inevitable loss on Sunday.” She went on. “In all seriousness, we’re excited that they’ve agreed to participate, because no matter how the game ends, a very worthy organization will benefit.”

May the best team win. And by best team, we mean the Seahawks. 


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