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Enough with Football Fan Victimhood

A plea to stop being petty about every perceived slight.

By Seth Sommerfeld August 23, 2016 Published in the September 2016 issue of Seattle Met

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Late last season, Russell Wilson tossed 19 TDs and zero interceptions over five games. So when Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine said he wasn’t an “elite” QB, Hawks fans shouldn’t have cared. But they raged—against a soon-to-be fired coach of a terrible team.

When did sports fandom get so hostile toward criticism? Especially with football, it seems if any pundit says one less-than-glowing word about a fan’s team, they’re obviously an idiot.  

This victim mentality has a greater hold on fans of the best teams. Since winning it all, Seahawks fans have bemoaned the media treatment of Marshawn Lynch, demonized Cam Newton (for tamer behavior than Lynch’s), and flipped out over Pettine’s remarks. Even Patriots fans talk more about Deflategate than their Super Bowl XLIX win.

Here’s an idea: Tune out the noise and just cheer for your squad. It’s fun—like sports are supposed to be.

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