We Needed This: Fruitsuper's Anywhere Vases Make Life a Little Prettier

These Seattle-designed flower arrangement displays make a great gift for mom (and anyone else).

03/31/2022 By Zoe Sayler

Globe Light Goals

Property Watch: Late-60s Design and Lake Washington Views

This Mercer Island home offers three unique fireplaces and matching midcentury cabinets throughout.

12/08/2021 By Sarah Anne Lloyd


How Did the Kraken Get Its Eye?

Deciphering the jerseys, logos, and other branding of Seattle’s NHL team during the 2021 inaugural season.

09/30/2021 By Zoe Sayler


A Seattle Skyscraper’s Rise Helps Shatter a Glass Ceiling

A new 40-story condo building owes much of its design to Julia Nagele, one of few women in the world to shape such a tall tower.

12/21/2020 By Benjamin Cassidy

Designer Spotlight

Behind The Scenes: Kimberly Baker

The local jewelry designer and metalsmith takes her studio back to nature.

07/09/2015 By Aoife Reilly

Most Wanted

At Home with Pine and Boon’s Jess Marie Griffith

The leather accessories designer is all about balancing art with craft, and she’ll teach you how to do it too.

07/01/2014 By Laura Cassidy

Save the Date

Seattle Design Festival: Design in Motion

The two-week fete brings together the top dogs of the design and architecture world with family-friendly activities.

06/30/2014 By Emma Ranniger


Italian Design and Photography Take Over BAM

Studio Ballo travels to the Bellevue Arts Museum with 300 images and 70 iconic design works from the 1950s on.

02/20/2013 By Laura Dannen


Holiday Gift Guide 2012

People who love people and shower them with perfectly suited sweet somethings and grand gestures are the loveliest people we know. Your shopping list awaits in our gift guide slide show.

10/12/2012 Edited by Laura Cassidy With Amanda Zurita


Top 5 Seattle Design Festival Events

Infographic poster shows and design-driven pub trivia are highlights of this weekend's festival.

09/20/2012 By Seth Sommerfeld

New Local Line

Introducing State at NuBe Green

You’re invited to see where the new line is going on Thursday, October 13.

10/11/2011 By Laura Cassidy


PubliCalendar Picks: Seattle Design Festival

A design nerd's heaven.

09/16/2011 By Lummy Lin

Unlikely Art

Sit on Art at the Chair Project Auction

Place a bid on your favorite decked-out chair this Friday.

08/15/2011 By Lisa Han

Design Show

17 Swedish Designers

A small but essential show of gorgeously rendered lifestyle pieces is open now at Nordic Heritage Museum.

06/27/2011 By Laura Cassidy


Now Open: The Adventure School’s Adventure Store

Adventure is where you find it, you dig?

02/17/2011 By Laura Cassidy


Safe Arbor

Taking inspiration from The Treehouse Book, authored by TreeHouse Workshop's Peter Nelson, the Danilchik family build a Swiss chalet hovering between two centenarian Western Red cedars near Poulsbo.

10/11/2010 By Alexandra Notman


Dress Code: Chicks Did It

Two galleries celebrate the legacy of rock art in Seattle and beyond

07/30/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Dress Code: Street Wise

Advice on getting Le21eme’s Adam Katz Sinding to notice you at this week’s Pio Square First Thursday show

03/29/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Sale of the Week: Handmade Home

Find earthy, elegant deals at the red-dot sale at Liave

03/23/2010 By Laura Cassidy

Behind the Scenes

Link Trader: The Design Student

April Style Counselor Ben Fuglevand loves long vests, obscure architecture blogs, and democracy webcasts

03/19/2010 By Laura Cassidy