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Sit on Art at the Chair Project Auction

Place a bid on your favorite decked-out chair this Friday.

By Lisa Han August 15, 2011

DeGroot and Evans have incorporated everything from scissors to pink fabric in this gothic, Edward Scissorhands creation, She Fancied Herself a Refined but Dangerous Raconteuse.

You’ve spotted them in the lobby of McCaw Hall. You’ve looked longingly at them through the Nordstrom windows. They’re gorgeous, one-of-a-kind—and finally, they can be yours. No, I’m not talking about shoes. I’m talking about chairs.

In February, the Pratt Fine Arts Center and the Seattle Design Center teamed up to mastermind the Chair Project, a collaborative effort by 10 designers and 10 artists to transform ordinary items from Baker furniture into startling works of art.

Each piece expresses something different about its creators, who were given a free pass to create. No guidelines, no restrictions. “No one wanted to limit the imaginations or ideas of the teams,” said Brandi Clark, Pratt’s director of community initiatives. The result? Unusual cloaks of gold, cast bronze birds, extravagant layers of paint. Some chairs, like Tom DeGroot and Gretchen Evans’ She Fancied Herself a Refined But Dangerous Raconteuse, have been given queenly makeovers but remain functional as seats. Others, like Louis’ Ascention by Chris McMullen and designer Scott Cole, have been entirely recast as abstract, machine-like sculptures.

To get your hands on one of these prized designs, head to the Chair Project Auction this Friday at 6pm at the Seattle Design Center to bid on your favorite seat. Registration is $50 and all proceeds will benefit Pratt Fine Arts Center.

For more info, visit pratt.org or chairproject.org.

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