Arts Notice

What’s Inside the Weird White Boxes at Third and Virginia?

It’s called Light as a Common Thread and it says it’s an art exhibition.

01/09/2019 By Stefan Milne

En Route

SoDo Track Project's Huge Murals Are Finally Done

After three years, local and international artists fill in the two-mile stretch of murals along the Light Rail.

07/19/2018 By Mac Hubbard

The Next Fifty

From a Mural to White Light: 50 Years of Public Art at Seattle Center

The story starts in 1962 with the largest artwork in the NW; in 2012, we found an artist who can make the sun rise.

04/17/2012 By Laura Dannen

Visual Art

New Seattle Public Art: John T. Williams Memorial Totem Pole Project

The project honoring the death of a talented woodcarver is near completion.

08/30/2011 By Lisa Han

Unlikely Art

Sit on Art at the Chair Project Auction

Place a bid on your favorite decked-out chair this Friday.

08/15/2011 By Lisa Han

Visual Art

New Seattle Public Art: Mad Homes

A block of houses on Capitol Hill temporarily transform into surreal artwork.

07/29/2011 By Lisa Han

Visual Art

New Seattle Public Art: Ginny Ruffner’s The Urban Garden

The Seattle artist’s newest sculpture brings color to Sheraton Seattle Hotel.

07/22/2011 By Lisa Han

Taste of the Town

Taste of the Town: Seattle Public Art Program Director Ruri Yampolsky

Picking her favorite Seattle art installation? Almost impossible. Picking her favorite potato chip? Child’s play.

03/01/2011 By Clancey Denis