PubliCalendar Picks: Seattle Design Festival

By Lummy Lin September 16, 2011

Seattle Design Festival will be held from September 16th until September 25th at various locations around Seattle. 

For a city that gives off an artsy vibe on practically every corner, it's a wonder that we didn't have a design festival until now. The first annual Seattle Design Festival, featuring programs by some of the finest arts, design, and architectural organizations in this area, officially commences today. And despite how snobby the arts can seem at times, this festival isn't about sighing admiringly at pretty pictures. Channeling Seattle's progressive spirit, the Seattle Design Festival aims to showcase how design can "improve a wide range of products, services and experiences - and even help us create stronger neighborhoods, solve social problems, and live more sustainably." Ah, Seattle.

The ten day festival will feature an abundance of tours, films, exhibits, speakers from the top of the design and architecture fields, and family friendly activities, some of which will be free and some which will require a ticket.

Some highlights: eight film screenings about design and architecture at the SIFF Cinema and Film Center; 25 eight foot tall "design marks" placed at sites of cultural significance all around the city, each with a video to tell its story; a workshop for parents and kids to build a model of the city together; a panel on engaging youth in the sustainability movement and an interactive "pop-up design center" in Pioneer Square where visitors exchange ideas about how design can improve Seattle's livability.

Convinced yet that the Seattle Design Festival is going to be awesome? Whether you are a professional who understands the artistic nuances of design, or a civically engaged citizen seeking ideas and possibilities for the future of the city, you're sure to find inspiration and food for thought at this festival.

Visit the Seattle Design Festival's official website for a full rundown.

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