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Seattle Design Festival: Design in Motion

The two-week fete brings together the top dogs of the design and architecture world with family-friendly activities.

By Emma Ranniger June 30, 2014

Seattle's down-to-earth design festival celebrates its fourth year with the longest celebration yet; Friday, September 5 through 19.

Image via Design in Motion

Design in Public, a product of the American Institute of Architects of Seattle, is all about gathering families, businesses, and, of course, designers to collectively study the role and impact of design on Seattle's urban vibes. Seattle Design Festival teams up with a nearly 40 partners to bring you a fortnight of interactive programs all centering on the theme: Design in Motion 

Interpretations of the theme span beyond maneuverability. Listen, chat, or workshop with design dignitaries and local leaders about the dynamic of what Associate Director Katherine Wimble describes in a press release as "a unique mixing of disciplines and intersecting fields that unpack the festival theme."

Or get into it and check out the SDF Rumble; a chance to engage with local artists about the process of collaborating in a time crunch to construct an instillation reflective of design in motion. Not to mention 68 other citywide programs (not including the wrap party).

Image via Seattle Design Festival Facebook

The headquarters are 316 Occidental Ave S, Ste 400, but you'll have to check the Seattle Design Festival website for the location of numerous other events sprinkled around Seattle. Everything is open to the public; tickets are required for some of it, otherwise donations are suggested.

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