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Link Trader: The Design Student

April Style Counselor Ben Fuglevand loves long vests, obscure architecture blogs, and democracy webcasts

By Laura Cassidy March 19, 2010

A recent image from Hel-Looks, one of April Style Counselor Ben Fuglevand’s favorite blogs

This month’s Style Counselor, Ben Fuglevand, likes scouring Seattle’s vintage shops, sure, but he has a few favorite spots on the web, too. As part of our on-going link trading, he’s here with six of his favorite URLs, and a word or two of explanation.

Building Blog
Maybe my favorite design blog on the net. Geoff Manaugh combines fascinating and often obscure instances of architecture with a writing style that evokes something close to a children’s bedtime story or a Marques novel. His blog is a wonderfully reimagined view into the world of architecture and design.

Victory Garden
This is the newest offering from Seattle knitwear designer and close friend Anna Sharp. Her blog, full of stylish imagery and trademark wit, documents her chic take on the often overlooked world of knitwear. Looking for a giant doily that doubles as shoulder wrap? This is where you’ll find it.

Really cool blog from two hipsters on the streets of Helsinki, Finland. They capture street fashion that won’t hit the states for at least another year. It’s good way to keep ahead of the curve.

Creative Applications
Looking for technology and design that should be straight out of a science fiction film but actually exists? Iphone applications that look more like interactive art works? This is where I go to get my fix of both. Technology is everywhere, why not be hip about it?

Democracy Now
If you really want to know what is going on in the world, you should be listening to Amy Goodman. Her daily videocasts are some of the best news reporting I’ve ever seen. Refreshingly absent are the cable news talking heads.

We Are Hunted:
This site is where I get my jams. It categorizes and plays the top 100 most searched for songs on the internet in real time and makes it super easy way to find good ear candy the minute it hits the airwaves.

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