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Pantone Announces Its 2019 Color of the Year

Deep-sea inspired "Living Coral" is the latest Pantone pick.

By Gwen Hughes December 11, 2018

Many companies claim to know the color trends of the future, but no opinion is more respected than that of the color specialists at Pantone Color Institute. Each December they announce their Color of the Year to the public, informing the future of fashion, interior design, and multimedia. 

With Ultra Violet dominating 2018, and a sage green pick the year before, the newest hue, Living Coral, proved a warm surprise. An “animated and life-affirming” color, this orange-pink shade with gold undertones conjures images of the vibrant, deep-sea landscape.

However, some are calling the color choice socially blind, even venturing to say the name “Living Coral” is climate change denial. In its press release, Pantone focuses on the joy, buoyancy, and “convivial” nature of the shade, likely the reason some feel the name ignores a prevalent social issue.

Others believe the company is trying to inspire more conversation about environmental conservation. Its initial announcement claimed that Living Coral “reinforces how colors can embody our collective experience and reflect what is taking place in our global culture at a moment in time.” Whether this global culture refers to social media, high-fashion runways, or conservation efforts is up for debate.

If you believe that Pantone made a poor name choice or that they are reigniting an important conversation, you can still enjoy the warm and inviting hue. Pantone’s color experts suggest pairing it with understated colors like grey, olive, and forest green, or taking a more vivid approach, pairing Living Coral with chartreuse, turquoise, and lavender.

Check out the slideshow above to discover seven ways to incorporate the noteworthy color into everyday life.

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