All You Need for a Very Peri 2022

Is it purple? Is it blue? This year we embrace ambiguity.

By Zoe Sayler January 12, 2022

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This year's color palette.

When Pantone revealed its color of the year, it was a little perplexing. Is it purple? Is it blue? Very Peri, the color institute's first shade to be formulated just for the occasion, is a "red violet infused blue hue" that "highlights the expansive possibilities that lay before us," per VP Laurie Pressman. 

Still not clear on the purple versus blue thing. But by now, we're experts at making uncertainty look good.

Iris Lola V-Neck Dress, Girlfriend Collective Local


If Girlfriend Collective can turn 21 water bottles into the exercise dress of our dreams, we can definitely take on 2022. And now we'll be comfortably, fashionably outfitted for anything the coming year throws our way. 

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Cupid Matte Claw in Lavender, Chunks Local


Image: Chunks

We may begrudgingly wear hard pants now, but that doesn't mean we're willing to put in any additional effort. Wavy claw clips from this Seattle-based brand turn a lazy hairstyle into two intertwining fashion statements: Dress bold, shop local. 

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Alohas South Heeled Boots, Anthropologie


Image: Anthropologie

Dramatic plum? Airy lilac? We'll take both. And an architectural heel to boot. The two-tone trend is the only thing about 2020 we'll happily bring with us into the new year. 

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Burton Heyland Jacket, Evo Local


Image: Evo

Every Seattleite finds themselves at a crossroads: stay warm, or dress cute? This casual puffer, at home on the slopes or the restaurant patio, proves that was a false dichotomy all along.

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Amina Muaddi Amini Gilda Leather Top Handle Bag, Nordstrom Local


Image: Nordstrom

Only a Paris-based, Italian-born designer could chase a trend into becoming a classic: This gem of a bag holds little more than your phone and wallet—but good things are, as they say, small packages. 

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Levitate StealthFit GTS 5 Road-Running Shoes, Brooks Local


Image: Brooks

These road shoes from Wallingford's running experts will give you all the spring your step needs to commit to your run-more resolution. No need to go all out on the Very Peri, either.

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Harness Walk Kit, Wild One


Image: Wild One

Does Covi care about the color of her harness? Honestly rude of you to ask. But nobody gets uncertainty better than a pampered Seattle pup: Outside means walk! Inside means warm. Wild One makes super high-quality dog accessories that look so good they function as human ones, too. 

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