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Nail Color of the Month: Julep Appliques

We kick off a new beauty series with Julep’s blinged-out peacock nail appliqués.

By Amanda Zurita March 15, 2012

Our pick for March: Metallic, easy-to-apply nail appliqués in Peacock from local company Julep.

Nearly every nail brand has been premiering sets of precut decorative polish strips; arty nails are easily one of 2012’s biggest trends, but not everyone can manage hand-done miniature masterpieces on the ends of their pinkies.

The local lacquer experts at Julep are all about the big rage: they issued a new set of shiny stick-ons in a peacock motif. Unlike other appliques, which are made of real lacquer and must be taken off with polish remover, Julep’s are more like nail decals, allowing for cool textures, easier application, and zero dry time. (Thanks to makeup artist Tiffany Colors to turning us on to them.)

The glamorous black and gold set reminds us of Jessica Chastain’s gorgeous Alexander McQueen Oscars gown. To apply, you simply match the correct strip size to each nail, stick (and re-stick if you don’t get it centered the first time), smooth out any bumps, and then use the provided file to trim down the extra length. We finished the whole process—from package to suggested top coat—in less time than it took us to sit through a Real Housewives episode.

Here’s a look at what the filed-and-finished product is like.

As promised, the appliques have lasted six days, and thus far have no chipping or peeling. The instructions say to wet nails with warm water and peel the decals off to remove, which at first sounded worrisome since we certainly intended to shower and wash our hands at least a few times within the decals’ three- to seven-day lifespan. So far so good, though.

You can pick up a set of your own (16 precut strips, a file, and an orange wood stick) online, or at any of the four local Julep salons and get some digit bling of your own for under $15.

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