Anne Smith, Northwest Style Expert

A conversation with Filson creative manager and shop owner Anne Smith.

07/01/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Record Playas

Meet the Shopkeeper: Sub Pop Mega Mart

The local label sets up a temporary record shop—a lot like their old record shop—in time for their Silver Jubilee anniversary celebration.

06/28/2013 By Laura Cassidy Photography by Kirby Ellis

Retail News

Vanishing Vintage on Capitol Hill

Kaleidoscope Vintage has left the building; In Commune is closing soon.

06/27/2013 By Laura Cassidy


Sneak Peek: Seattle Met Bride & Groom Summer/Fall 2013

Take a look at our wedding fashion photo shoot with this behind the scenes video shot on location at Floor 13.

06/26/2013 By Laura Cassidy Photography by Carmen Daneshmandi and Elizabeth Rudge

Slide Show

We Were There: Michael Cepress Fashion Show

Scenes from the Seattle designer's recent solo fashion show at the Century Ballroom.

06/25/2013 By Laura Cassidy Photography by Kirby Ellis

Good Grooming

What's Your Take On... Man Manicures?

The New York Times says guys in nail polish are trending. What do you say?

06/20/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Follow the Leaders

Follow these Style Pros [Updated]

Here's how to keep up with Seattle style makers Iva Jean, Brian Paquette, Coco and Kelley, Seattle Design Foundation, and more.

06/19/2013 By Laura Cassidy


Summer Picks from Stylish Officemates

Co-op office mates from Pioneer Square point to their summer favorites.

06/19/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Wedding Wednesday

What's Your Take On... the Surname Game?

Are Seattle brides—and grooms—ditching their names as much as this study claims the rest of the population is?

06/12/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Get in Line

H&M x Isabel Marant

Here we go again. The latest H&M collaboration is announced: Isabel Marant hits stores November 14.

06/11/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Dress Dressing

Introducing the Dress by April Pride

What are you doing on Friday? Like, every Friday. Meet this chic local designer and try on her incredibly wearable dress during a series of trunk shows at Swink Style Bar.

06/07/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Local Designer

American Dreaming: Michael Cepress 2013 Runway Showcase

Independent Designer Showcase contestant and local designer Michael Cepress hosts an evening of truly ready to wear ready-to-wear.

06/06/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Leather and Lace

Dress Code: Women in Rock at EMP

Wear a bustier to go see Madonna's bustier as EMP looks at the women who have shaped popular music.

06/04/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Shop This

Popup: Glasswing, E. Smith Mercantile, More

Seattle's style ecosystem moves into Lovecitylove for the weekend of June 7, 8, and 9.

06/04/2013 By Laura Cassidy

While the Gettin' is Good

Garage Sale at NuBe Green

Head to the Oddfellows Building for deals on antiques, clothing, American-made goods, and all manner of random treasures.

05/29/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Wedding Wednesday

Item of the Moment: Anne Sylvain Clutch

Anne Sylvain designer Patricia Raskin offers an exotic leather clutch inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.

05/29/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Yes or No?

More Uniqlo Stuff

Recent developments concerning a possible Uniqlo location in Seattle.

05/28/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Nights at the Museum

Future Beauty Now and Later at SAM

What does this summer have in store for you? Inspiring archival Japanese fashion from the Kyoto Institute and Seattle-specific examples of how modern designers fit your look.

05/23/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Style Counsel

Slide Show: Twin Within Necklaces

A look at the necklaces styles from Style Counselor Aslaug Fridjonsdottir's Twin Within accessories line.

05/23/2013 By Laura Cassidy


Áslaug Fridjónsdóttir, Designer

A conversation with Twin Within accessories designer and Iceland native Áslaug Fridjónsdóttir

05/22/2013 By Laura Cassidy