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More Uniqlo Stuff

You're dying to know if Seattle is getting a Uniqlo. We know. We're on the case.

By Laura Cassidy May 28, 2013


Folks, this whole Uniqlo thing takes a village.

A friend and reader wrote in to let us know that Women's Wear Daily did a story on the company's slow but steady takeover of the states. The full story is behind a paywall on; if you subscribe and didn't catch it, here's the link.

And if you don't, well, here's the skinny from our stringer: "No real confirmation, but it sounds like there won't be a store in Seattle until at least 2015. They'll be expanding out from San Fran in concentric circles until they eventually reach all the way northward to us." 

Our friend also included a link to article that summarizes the WWD one if the above Cliff Notes fail to whet your appetite.

Now, go spend your money with a local retailer while you still can.




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