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Follow these Style Pros [Updated]

Here's how to keep up with Seattle style makers Iva Jean, Brian Paquette, Coco and Kelley, Seattle Design Foundation, and more.

By Laura Cassidy June 19, 2013

The summer picks from this stylish crew of Pioneer Square cool kids were a great introduction to an enterprising set of freewheeling do'ers, makers, and thinkers who share office space in the newest old neighborhood in town.

These days it's not who you know, but who you follow, and now that this crew is on your radar, you'd do well to track them on all their platforms.

Seattle designer and biker Rachel Ravitch on the Iva Jean blog, courtesy Iva Jean.

The tagline is "Bike Everywear." Smart, chic, and so Seattle, right? Find Iva Jean designer Ann DeOtte Kaufman posting pics of rad girls on bikes on Instagram and Pinterest, and find those rad girls posting back and chiming in on Facebook. Follow the Iva Jean blog for news about Seattle bike happenings that you'll actually want to dress up for. See also: Iva Jean on Twitter.

We met him back when he worked at Blackbird, but these days Brian Paquette has a more... well, interior life. Not feeling totally at home these days? The designer posts pictures of in-process and completed projects—like the cool, clean navy room pictured here—on Instagram and Pinterest for your inspiration pleasure. Like him on Facebook to find out about wallpaper deals and what's up on his blog.

Live here now, virtually at least. Image courtesy Brian Paquette Interiors.

For Coco and Kelley blogger Cassandra LaValle, Pioneer Square is a family thing. Her chef/father's just-opened Tinello has an Italian dinette vibe—courtesy her design touch. For summer outfit ideas, good-looking recipes, and stylish entertaining as well as design and color jolts, adhere yourself to her blog and follow along on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.


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Coco and Kelley's behind-the-scenes look at the launch of Tinello in Pioneer Square. Courtesy the Coco and Kelley blog.

Erin Gainey cofounded the Seattle Design Foundation to support local designers and artisans. The SDF hosts fundraisers, focus groups, and various other meetups, all in the name of local creatives. Follow their Facebook page, Twitter feed, and blog for news about how you can get involved; check out Gainey's Instagram feed as she travels and explores.

The Seattle Design Foundation's first fundraiser, at Object in Belltown.

The office mates you didn't meet via their style picks for the season are freelance design, lifestyle editor, and West Coast aficionado Jess Chamberlain and graphic designer/letterpress artisan Danielle Bellert of BDR Studio.

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Not going to make it to the Ojai Rancho Inn any time soon? Follow Jess Chamberlain on her adventures instead. Image via Jess Chamberlain's blog.

Follow Chamberlain's travels, stories, and design crushes on her blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

And check out Bellert's drawings, commissions, typography obsessions, and general out-and-abouting on her Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Fans of tactile print should catch up with Danielle Bellert of BDR Studio. Image courtesy BDR Studio.



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