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Planet Happy, where socially responsible, mom-owned, and otherwise green play stuff is a good time

By Caitlin Creel May 28, 2010


Hello parents and concerned friends-of-small humans, still scarred from all those toxic toys incidents? Planet Happy to the rescue.

Find safer, organic alternatives to mass-produced plastic toys for your little ones at this Ravenna store (find the store itself tucked behind the University Village) – stuff like Max’s Mud, a non-toxic, gluten-free rice flour-based sculpting dough exclusive to Planet Happy and produced by a Seattle-based mom-owned business, backyard tree swings, and Reusies; dishwasher-proof lunch bags. Check the slideshow for images.

And check this out: Each product in the store comes with a seven criteria tag listing whether the item and its manufacturer are fair-traded, organic, socially responsible, recycled, mom-owned, green, and natural.

Now how’s this for mom-friendly: Planet Happy offers after school activities like eco-friendly science projects and drum circles. If you can’t catch one of the scheduled events, don’t worry, the fun station is always open. (And the store pet, a hedgehog called Little Foot, is always around.) Little ones can make magnets or mirrors using the button machine, and a natural beauty bar makes it easy and fun to cook up lotion, bath salts, and fragrances using essential oils, all natural lotion bases, and the shop’s special house-ground flower petals.

Check Planet Happy’s June calendar for after-school and weekend activities.

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