Historic Times at Garfield High

The Central District school has produced famous figures like Jimi Hendrix and Quincy Jones. It's also highlighted some of our city's worst divides.

09/27/2022 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach

A Day in the Life

Punk, Pride, and Pickled Eggs

The day that 'Roe v. Wade' was overturned, four local musicians took to the stage at the Sunset Tavern to open for Biblioteka's album release party.

09/09/2022 By Sophie Grossman

This Month in Seattle Tech

AI Art Reimagines Seattle

The memes generated by machine learning models like Dall-E Mini Images are fun. But the implications of this rapidly-evolving technology are vast.

08/31/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy


Fall Arts Field Guide

Shows at the Crocodile and the Moore Theatre, dancing at Century Ballroom, browsing and bagels at Third Place Books—fall is packed with things to do.

08/22/2022 By Sophie Grossman

Save Us

Satellite Devices Redefine Safety for Hikers

If you regularly hike or camp in the backcountry, a satellite communicator has become an essential piece of emergency equipment.

08/10/2022 By Allison Williams

$1.9 Million Showdown

Price Point: City Craftsman or Woodsy Northwest Contemporary

These four-bedroom homes from Redfin and John L. Scott offer two very different settings for the same price. Are you going for the Eastside or Ravenna?

07/21/2022 By Sarah Anne Lloyd

Hot Goss

A Big, Spicy List of Local Condiments

From chili crisp to hot sauce to kimchi, purveyors like Britt's Fermented Foods, Damoori Kitchen, and Mustard and Co. keep Seattle in condiments.

07/20/2022 By Ann Karneus

High Sips

Jones Soda Launches Line of THC-Spiked Drinks

The Seattle brand's cannabis beverage offshoot is called Mary Jones and comes in four flavors. It may be a while until you can find them in dispensaries.

07/18/2022 By Ann Karneus