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Jones Soda Launches Line of THC-Spiked Drinks

The Seattle brand’s new Mary Jones offshoot brings the pot to pop.

By Ann Karneus July 18, 2022

At Seattle’s slew of local dispensaries you can find everything from a diverse selection of strains to an elaborate lineup of edibles—and soon cannabis-infused Jones Soda. The Seattle beverage company known for its crowdsourced labels and wild flavors recently launched Mary Jones, a line of THC-laced soft drinks. Gummies and a punched-up version of their carbonated candy tablets are also in the works.

Some of the products became available in California last month, but Bohb Blair, Mary Jones’s chief brand officer and Jones Soda’s chief marketing officer, says they’re still in the early stages of bringing those THC drinks to Washington. The whole process is tricky since cannabis can’t cross state lines due to federal marijuana laws, so everything must be produced in state.

Infusing the sodas with THC was actually the easier part, Blair says, since the Mary Jones flavors—root beer, berry lemonade, orange and cream, and green apple—naturally mask the taste of weed. “That's really what people are clamoring for in this space with cannabis and edibles overall,” Blair says. “It’s things that just taste great, that they don’t have to make an excuse and say it tastes great for cannabis.”

Obviously, they’re targeting a specific audience with those flavors and the higher dosage offerings: Mary Jones sodas come in 12 ounces (10 milligrams) and 16 ounces (100 milligrams), while most other brands max out at five milligrams, according to Blair. Mary Jones lists 10 milligrams as one serving, meaning that 16-ounce can of soda actually contains 10 servings of THC—a potentially dangerous amount if consumed all at once.

Still Blair argues that a name brand like Jones bringing weed into the mainstream can help destigmatize marijuana usage as a whole. And so far, fans are all for it. 

When choosing the label photos for the new line from fan submissions, “we reached out to like 50 different Jones fans and wrote them asking for permission specifically to put them on a cannabis bottle, and you have never seen more exclamation points come back and people so excited that we reached out,” says Blair.

More doses and flavors will join the Mary Jones roster in the future; Blair promises that a cream soda is imminent. In the meantime, they’re busy brokering deals with manufacturers and distributors for a timely Washington release.

Editor's note: This story was updated on July 18, 2022, with additional information about THC serving guidelines.

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