Soft Drink Randomness

The Mystery Coke Machine vs. the Coke Freestyle

Capitol Hill in a nutshell: A much-hyped grimy purveyor of mystery sodas sits just around the corner from a slick custom Coke dispenser. We visited them both to ponder what it all means.

04/03/2014 By Jeremy Novak

Soft Drink Randomness

New Pagliacci Location Has a Crazy-Elaborate Coke Freestyle Machine

This soda dispenser has a fan base...and more locations around town.

11/08/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Jones Soda?

The Anti-Energy Drink: a Soda Inspired by Marijuana

If you can’t wait to order your Mary Jane’s, try a kava cockail at Fu Kun Wu in Ballard Tonight.


The Soft Bulletin

Dry Soda: Happymaker of Pregnant People

Your girl is thirsty and she can’t drink booze. Have a heart, will you?


The Soft Bulletin

Jones Soda to Merge

The local soft-drink company has signed a letter of intent with Los Angeles-based Reed’s Natural Soda.


The Soft Bulletin

Alaska Airlines Gives the World a Coke

The Seattle-based airline ditchs local soda for corporate cola.