The soda dispenser that inspires fervid devotion. Image via Coca-Cola.

 Brace yourselves, good people of Madison Valley: The new Pagliacci shop that opened last week does, in fact, have a Coke Freestyle machine. You know, those gonzo Coke machines that people freak out about because they can design 127 different weirdo flavor combinations? The one that Paul Constant loves so much?

 The local pizzeria chain installed one in its Broadway location late last year, and patrons have been busy ever since, using the interactive screen to design themselves cups of orange-flavored Coke Zero, or peachy Sprite (there's often a line). People love these machines so much that Pagliacci has also added ones in its Queen Anne and Bellevue locations. 

If you’re seeking this insanity of flavor combos elsewhere, local Taco Time locations are your best bet, but the machine is increasingly pervasive around town. The Coke Freestyle locator app (which, of course, exists) will also point you toward select Ivar’s, Fatburger in Bellevue, Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Oh, and the Burger King in Ballard. There, my service journalism commitment for the day has been fulfilled.

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