Seattle’s Best Cannabis Shops and Dispensaries

Plus some favorites outside the city, from Tacoma to Bellevue.

By Sarah Anne Lloyd Photography by Lou Daprile

Image: Lou Daprile

When Seattle’s cannabis dispensaries first started emerging in 2014, places like Uncle Ike’s and Cannabis City were a rarity. Now, more than 50 licensed shops operate within the city limits alone. It’s easier than ever to find your neighborhood connection—but these spots stand out from the pack.

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Herb’s House 

A converted Craftsman house on a corner in north Ballard near Phinney Ridge exudes a friendly neighborhood vibe that has earned it plenty of regulars. Budtenders are familiar with both the wares and the vendors behind them, and feature one every week for “vendor Thursday.” A rotating display of local art is a nice extra touch. Medical endorsement 

Have A Heart 

Have a Heart is the first dispensary in Washington state to have a signed union contract. While it’s a chain—with several locations both here and in California—the Belltown outpost is its most vibrant, with bright, wild decor. Tall, well-organized displays along the back wall are easy to browse before heading to the front to check out. 

Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis 

Belltown's buzzy newcomer (Kemp himself only has a 5 percent stake) can feel like fan service, from the Sonics murals on the outside to the NBA Jam cabinets within. Its checkout system is a little awkward (don’t lose the ticket with your number on it), but the inventory is seriously giant, and displayed under what feels like miles of display counters—so it’s easy to discover something new. 

SuperSonics legend Shawn Kemp surfaces a few times a week at his namesake shop to talk weed with fans. Another perk: Free parking in the back.

Image: Lou Daprile

Capitol Hill
The Reef 

This dispensary (with a sibling location in Bremerton) is seriously high-design: Architecture firm Olson-Kundig polished up a somewhat forlorn 1926 brick building that now sports an aquatic motif, including murals by artist Weirdo and glass-bubble product displays. It’s a relaxed browsing experience: counter for browsing and conversation greets you up front; farther in, a separate express line for those just grabbing online orders or a quick pre-roll. 


Tucked just off 15th, this offbeat dispensary stocks organically and sustainably grown bud starting at super-low price points—some eighths are less than $10.   

Central District

A beloved neighborhood dispensary on Union goes out of its way to stock at least one quality, super-affordable option from every cannabis category—including tinctures and extracts, which are more likely to be expensive. Medical endorsement 


You don’t even need to talk to the staff to learn from their expertise: Clipboards line the shop’s walls from floor to ceiling, each giving the breakdown of a product available behind the counter. The budtenders write each description themselves out of experience. If you have trouble remembering the strain name, just unhook it from the wall and bring it up to the register with you. 

Oz offers a wealth of info via clipboards—or you can just ask resident pup Marty.

Image: Lou Daprile


This mini-chain recently set up shop in Fremont at the former site of Seattle’s oldest medical dispensary, and has a pretty minimalist interior—but you can browse a touch-screen menu before meeting with your budtender up front.  


In the awkward zone between Queen Anne and Fremont, Hashtag shows off its fresh bud, edibles, concentrates, and glass behind separate, densely packed counters, so it’s easy to review your options with a budtender before checkout. Signs throughout the dispensary hype the work of the Last Prisoner Project nonprofit, which advocates for the release of people imprisoned by cannabis prohibition—they’re accepting donations. 


Perched on the edge of Georgetown, this shop curates high-quality cannabis, then shows it off with vendor-specific deals and knowledgeable budtenders.  

Lake City
Herbn Elements 

An unassuming Lake City storefront harbors a warm interior with user-friendly displays separated by category, including a broad inventory of glassware, vape equipment, and cute accessories. Budtenders can help you find something decent at any price point. Medical endorsement

Budtenders as a rule tend to be kindhearted, but none more so than the crew at Herbn Elements.

Image: Lou Daprile

Seattle Tonics 

The ambiance leaves something to be desired—this place occupies the erstwhile lobby of the run-down former Ambassador Inn Motel—but inside is a cavernous space jam-packed with options across all price points. Write down what you’re interested in on a dry-erase clipboard and bring it to the front, where a helpful staff member will answer questions and grab the goods. The place is especially known for its variety of concentrates. Medical endorsement 

Fweedom Aurora 

Don’t be fooled by this smaller shop—it has a huge selection of both classic and unique strains, and quick, knowledgeable staff to guide you. An offbeat array of paraphernalia, from glass to lighters, adds an extra flair. Medical endorsement 

Rainier Valley
Seattle Cannabis Co. 

This is a good shop for people who don’t like being coddled too much: Giant, well-organized displays line the walls, including a particularly dense pre-roll cabinet, and the staff are back behind the checkout window. When you do have questions, budtenders are eager to share their favorites. 

Ganja Goddess 

Under neon lights on First Avenue South, find one of the most pleasant cannabis-buying experiences in the city. The interior evokes a gently- lit jewelry counter, so browsing is built into the process. The staff is helpful and available, but never pushy—and they keep track of your order as you go, at your own pace. It’s a great place for newcomers to get the hang of dispensaries, but it’s a breath of fresh air for longtime customers, too. Medical endorsement 


Dockside was one of the more popular medical dispensaries before legalization, and they embrace those roots with a relaxing atmosphere and a separate area for medical consultations. Some of the clearly labeled cannabis is on display, although scannable QR codes can give you the full menu. The “Cannabis Museum,” a small collection of cannabis-related antiques, sits in the back. Medical endorsement 

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Dockside cofounder Oscar Velasco-Schmitz at his SoDo store location.

Image: Amber Fouts

South Lake Union
Pot Shop 

A straightforward shop with a straightforward name: This little dispensary on Dexter Avenue between SLU and Queen Anne will get you taken care of with a fun selection and friendly staff. Outside of quarantine, there’s a vendor visit every Friday with special deals. 

American Mary 

This low-key establishment has cannabis at every price point, clearly laid out on a menu projected on the wall. There’s a deal for every day of the week, including a weekly grower showcase. 

West Seattle
Canna West Seattle 

Cozy and friendly Canna West Seattle has a killer staff picks shelf, happy hour deals, and budtenders that remember your face. The Culture Shop, a sibling business across the street, is packed with well-designed cannabis accessories, CBD products, and a few artisan wares that have nothing to do with cannabis at all.

Women-owned Canna extends its welcoming vibe to an accessories shop across the street (below).

Image: Lou Daprile

Outside Seattle

The Novel Tree 

An unassuming strip mall exterior, belies a boutique atmosphere, upbeat staff, and a display of small, pretty cannabis accessories that make you want to linger for longer than one typically does in a dispensary. Behind the counter, find a vast selection of pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and extracts. Medical endorsement 

Puff N Chill 

This Lynnwood shop is located right on 99, but its woodsy vibe transports you far off the highway for a low-pressure browsing experience. It’s small but well-staffed with friendly folks eager to tell you about their new favorites. Take a peek at the clever glass for sale, too. Medical endorsement 

Evergreen Market 

The South Renton location, one of five total, sits right off both 167 and 405, making it an easy stop for many South King County suburbs. It’s also a great dispensary, with a lodge-like interior, engaging product displays, and budtenders that can tell you the whole story of your cannabis from seed to shelf. 


When you first walk into Clutch, you might notice the glass on display first—pipes that look like skateboards, pipes with delicate line art. Keep going for staff with an encyclopedic knowledge of their products and an edibles display that barely fits along the whole back wall.  

Emerald Leaves

A laid-back atmosphere keeps customers from feeling rushed, and an educated staff stands ready to answer any questions. Bright lights and glass counters make browsing easy. This is one of Washington's few Black-owned cannabis businesses, too. Check the website before you go—Emerald Leaves partners with local nonprofits for food and supply drives. Medical endorsement

Owner Duane Dunn at Emerald Leaves, where well considered lighting gives the wares a particular sparkle.

Image: Lou Daprile

White Center

On White Center’s main 16th Avenue drag, Lucky has easy-to-browse displays and plenty of room to move around. The shop’s full spectrum of CBD ratios stands out, especially in tinctures and beverages.  


This longtime White Center shop is a little scrappy, but has positive vibes all around, from the cheery murals on the outside to hand-painted labels in the display counters. Nimbin has a deep catalog of flower from growers big and small, along with a greater variety of edibles than most. Medical endorsement 

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