EMP can't rival SAM's fashion-focused exhibit, but when stylish summer guests come to town you'll definitely want to consider their Women Who Rock, opening on June 15.

Or, you know, pull out that Madonna-inspired bustier and go all by yourself.

Featuring such artifacts as Lady Gaga’s piano, Wanda Jackson’s guitar, and the handwritten lyrics to the Runaway’s “Cherry Bomb” (given the option, I might have taken Joan Jett's spaceman boots, pictured here), the show takes a historical and sociological look at the women who shaped pop music via the elements that added to their impact.

Divided into sections such as "Counterculture and the Pill" (Janis Joplin and Grace Slick) and "Rockers to Disco Divas" (Heart to Donna Summer), the exhibit definitely isn't about style or wardrobe per se, but there's no denying the intrinsic link between the rock show and the fashion show. 

Color it an inspirational good time if nothing else. Women Who Rock runs through September 22.


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