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What's Your Take On... the Surname Game?

If you believe these studies, modern brides are ditching their maiden names.

By Laura Cassidy June 12, 2013

Quick: what's onomastics?

Why, the study of proper names, and naming conventions, traditions, so forth. What's interesting to Onomastic researchers? Newly married folks.

In this piece on wedding name changes posted to the Daily Beast blog, writer Abby Haglage brings in data points to support what she says is a decline in women keeping their own names.

Are today's engaged folk so obsessed with the whole vintage thing that they're applying the concept to their personal identity? Or is taking one's partner's name so retro it's modern? Check out the above linked feature and let us know what you think.

When photographer Krysta Jabczenski married Cairo and Prism owner Joel Leshefka in this fantastic vintage dress, she made a vintage move and took his last name. The couple is featured in our upcoming summer/fall issue; you can read more about them there.

It's a topic we're pretty interested in—especially as LGBT weddings bring a new set of trends to the fore. Our soon-to-be-released summer/fall 2013 edition of Seattle Met Bride & Groom explores the topic in print, but we want to hear your side of the story, too.

I'll tell you mine: After changing my name with my first marriage—and then changing it back after the divorce—I didn't think I wanted to go through any of that again. So, when I married almost ten years ago, I kept my maiden name. But, a decade later, I'm considering adding his to mine. But would I put it after Cassidy or before?

What's your take on all this? We'd love to know.


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