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Things Seattle Will Miss about Russell Wilson

Good luck pulling off orange sparkles, Ciara.

By Allison Williams March 8, 2022

RUSSELL WILSON IS DUMPING US for Denver and we're deep in the part of the grief process where we sob into our chardonnay and throw things at the TV. But in the decade he's been with the Seahawks, Wilson has given Seattle a lot—here's what we'll miss from our former franchise quarterback.

• How he defied expectations. As Benjamin Cassidy wrote in 2019, the second Wilson was drafted in 2012 the underestimation began: "Measuring less than six feet tall, then a death knell for QBs’ draft hopes, Wilson was unlikely to match his college success, according to many TV talking heads. It didn’t take long for the former baseball star to prove them wrong." Who doesn't love scrappy?

• The way he leaned in. Okay, so NFL quarterbacks are hardly low on the power totem pole—but we can still be impressed with how well Wilson played the game off the field. Just last year, some leaked trade destinations helped secure him a new offensive coordinator. For someone with the reputation for being a golden retriever, Wilson isn't as earnest as he looks.

• His romantic side. Not only did Wilson tie the knot at a Disney-esque castle in England, but he proposed to now-wife Ciara (with a skating-rink of a diamond) on a beach with what looked like a wine-and-cheese picnic. Dude is basically an episode of The Bachelor come to life.

• His affection for juice. Some football players would define themselves through shoe endorsements or fancy headphone ads. Our Wilson went full dork by opening an outpost of an East Coast juice shop in University Village and extolling the virtues of liquid kale. We'll be crying into our turmeric ginger protein smoothie.

• The indignity of his major league strikeout. Sure, Wilson was a college baseball star—but it's still fun to laugh at the crisp breeze he produced in a swinging strikeout during his brief New York Yankees tenure. Bo Jackson he ain't.

• A star turn in Entourage. In 2015 Matthew Halverson argued that Wilson's daffy "dreams are made true" pronouncement was "the very inspiration for Entourage, a film about Hollywood, adult temper tantrums, molly-fueled boning, convertible luxury sedans, and also dreams." A true time capsule of history's most deranged age.

• Ciara. Russell Wilson may have led a professional football team through ups and downs, but Ciara always, always understood the assignment. Props to letting her borrow his ring; he's the kind of guy who probably lets his lady snag his comfiest hoodie.

• His fashion sense. Just last month Wilson and Ciara opened a clothing popup in University Village, their second such endeavor at the shopping center, suggesting that he's secretly a mall rat at heart. Without our favorite fashion duo, how will we get our fix of wide leg pants in stretch leather? (But seriously, when they depart Seattle's average style level will plunge back to basement levels.)

• Not handing it off to Marshawn. Really would've sucked to become an NFL powerhouse with back-to-back Super Bowls, ya know? Good thing Wilson didn't mess with Seattle's whole underdog schtick. Kept us humble.

• But seriously, that Super Bowl. Sniff.

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