Seattle's Most Iconic Fashion Moments of 2021

The good, the dad, and the fuzzy.

By Zoe Sayler December 29, 2021

Wearing a mask on an hours-long flight never looked so good.

The fact that generational skinny jean discourse and Bernie wearing mittens happened in the same year boggles the mind—even without the added twist that both of those things happened in 2021. Here are some other fashion moments that defined these 12 strange months.

Tomo Nakayama Shakes Out the Feeling

We may have lost Bumbershoot for the second year in a row, but 2021 brought with it a new music festival from the people behind (also-canceled) Capitol Hill Block Party. Day In Day Out proved a true Seattle party with performers like Chong the Nomad, Burien-raised Travis Thompson, and Tomo Nakayama, seen here in a breezy summer look punctuated with Sonics nostalgia.

Linda Derschang Hits the Skies

The Canadian border reopened, international travel restrictions lifted, and wanderlustful Seattleites felt safe to leave our fair city (and its nearby rural Airbnbs) once more. Local restaurateur-turned-jetsetter Linda Derschang (of Linda's, King's Hardware, and Oddfellows) put our airplane sweatsuits to shame with an Adventure Awaits bum bag and a suitcase that doubles as a game of spot-the-Seattle-institution. 

The Kraken Release a Tradition

On the ice, our newly minted hockey team rocks the NHL's best logo and most flattering color scheme; behind the scenes, the Player of the Game dons a barnacle-topped Davy Jones hat.

Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe Make the Perfect Match

This was a big year for our favorite power couple. Seattle Storm legend Sue Bird landed the USA Basketball Athlete of the Year award, another gold medal, and the coveted title GOAT (depending who you ask, of course). OL Reign captain Megan Rapinoe made it on the shortlist for the U.S. Soccer Player of the Year award and launched a Nike collection. That all pales in comparison to this crucial revelation: The couple share a statement sweater from Marni. "We have a lot of mohair," Rapinoe admits. Stars: They're just like us.

Macklemore Swings into Brick and Mortar

Macklemore has forsaken your granddad's clothes in favor of his own swanky golf line, inspired by 1980s stepdads—which explains Bogey Boys' swift move to its flagship location between Pike and Pine. And the beautifully sleazy leopard-print look Macklemore wore to announce the opening.

Jeff Bezos Hurtles into Space

This isn't how we imagined it happening. We're referring to the cowboy hat and boots, of course.  

Ciara Tackles the Met Gala

We never imagined Seattle—let alone one of our sports teams—would be represented at the Met Gala. Leave it to Ciara to make action green and husband Russell Wilson's Super Bowl ring look good.

Shantay, Kshama Stays

When conservative efforts to recall our socialist city councilmember gained a foothold in Seattle, local drag queens like Issa Man turned out to support her. We think it's fair to call the Shantay, You Stay drag show Seattle's most sickening political rally of the year.


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