Come Home Russ

Watch Russell Wilson Strike Out in His First At-Bat as a Yankee

The sight of our Seahawks quarterback in a New York Yankees uniform during spring training is confusing.

By Darren Davis March 2, 2018

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New York Yankees prospect Russell Wilson, who you may also know as the Super Bowl–winning quarterback for the Seahawks, logged his first at-bat for the Bronx Bombers during a March 2 spring training game against the Atlanta Braves.

In another world, Russ squares up this 2-2 pitch and launches one 600 feet into the Tampa, Florida afternoon sky in a home run so profound the Yankees offer him A-Rod money and Ciara promptly buys a permanent home in Brooklyn.

Back in this reality, however, he takes a big fat hack at what would have been ball three and comes up empty. But the crowd still loves him for it.

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