It has arrived: a juicery in all its fresh pressed glory. 

Last summer, Russell Wilson sent word that he'd be teaming up with his favorite New York–based juice bar, Juice Press, and bringing the East Coast chain out west. And it's finally arrived in University Village today, November 27.

While the space formerly housed a Starbucks' Evolution outpost, the decor, with stainless steel and concrete floors, feels more like a sleek, high-end gym than a juice bar. Indeed Wilson himself had a say in the design; note the neon number "3" as a reminder of which Seattle Seahawk is such a fan that he brought the first West Coast flagship location to Seattle. "I love Seattle, so I figured might as well bring my favorite juice out here to Seattle," says Wilson. And that he has.

When Wilson first visited a Juice Press in New York it was, quite truly, love at first sight: "I think that, the first juice I ever had was Love at First Sight and it was amazing," he says, adding "I'm not typically a 'green' type of person all the time. I'm more the steak and potatoes type of guy. Then I had it and it was so refreshing." And the story of how Wilson helped to bring the 75th Juice Press location across the country began.

This Juice Press, though it has many of the same bottled juices (watch those get pressed behind a glass wall), protein bars, and fresh-made drinks, boasts one singular smoothie: The DangerTrain, which is "gonna get you right," said Juice Press founder Marcus Antebi.

Juice Press’s lineup of plant-based juices include ginger turmeric and green vegetable blends, among other offerings such as coconut water–based smoothies, acai bowls, supplements, grab-and-go salads, soups, and snacks—aka fuel for power shoppers and Super Bowl champions alike.

Wilson, who's partnering with Juice Press’s Michael Karsch and aforementioned Marcus Antebi on the West Coast flagship at 2620 NE University Village Street, offers up one final word of advice: "Well if you want to live good, feel good, and play good...the best place is Juice Press."

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