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Oh Hey—Russell Wilson Is Bringing an East Coast Juice Company to Seattle

Come next year you can drink fresh pressed juice like a Super Bowl champion.

By Rosin Saez August 24, 2016

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A smoothie dubbed Fountain of Youth. Photo via Juice Press/Instagram

Seattle isn’t really void of juice shops—Starbucks spinoff Evolution bottles juices and makes them to order at a few standalone stores, Kari Brunson runs the bright and botanical Juicebox on Capitol Hill, and Anar serves gemstone-hued juice in the Amazon Doppler building.

But New York City’s Juice Press is the only one blessed by Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson, a big fan of the organic juicery, announced this week that he’ll help usher in the east coast company. The first West Coast flagship shop will land in Seattle come early next year.

Wilson has teamed up with founder Marcus Antebi to bring in Juice Press’s lineup of plant juices like ginger tumeric and green vegetable blends. Other offerings include almond milk and coconut water–based smoothies, acai bowls, supplements, grab-and-go salads, and more. On this new partnership, Antebi says, “I never thought six years ago when I started Juice Press that a few short years later I would be in the company of such giants, from my partners now, to legendary athletes like Russell Wilson.”

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