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Ballots for the primary election are due Tuesday. It's not too late to vote.

By Hayat Norimine July 27, 2017

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Turnout for primary elections are historically low compared to the general elections, lower on off-years (odd-numbered years without presidential or mid-term elections). And this year voters may have an even tougher time deciding, with 21 candidates running for mayor, eight candidates running for an open at-large seat on the Seattle City Council (left open by Tim Burgess's retirement). 

But it's not too late. Ballots are due Tuesday, and PubliCola is doing a press blitz for those who are still undecided at the 11th hour of voting. Questions largely focused on affordable housing, homelessness, and the city's efforts at police accountability—three hot-button topics in this year's election—but the profiles also give a taste of the candidates' backgrounds and what they say their priorities would be in elected office. 

Here are the profiles we've published so far. More will be coming Thursday and Friday. We prioritized the high-profile mayoral candidates first, those most likely to make it through the primary, with the goal of also profiling candidates who have raised or put more than $10,000 into their campaigns. Other candidates who have raised money and weren't profiled: Gary BroseCasey Carlisle, Greg HamiltonJames Norton Jr., Larry Oberto, and Jason Roberts

Mayoral Candidates

Seattle City Council Position 8 Candidates

Updated July 29, 2017, at 1:47pm: This post contains links to other candidates not included in this list. Not all candidates PubliCola hoped to profile could be covered.

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