Remembering Seattle Restaurants That Closed in 2022

Some of these do have happy endings.

By Allecia Vermillion December 30, 2022

The food's just as pretty as the space at London Plane.

It’s tempting to look back at the year of restaurant closures and look for some sort of meaning, a pattern that reveals truths. All I’ve got it this: These are very hard times—maybe the hardest—in an industry where it’s never been easy. The list below certainly isn’t comprehensive. But it does offer a snapshot of what we lose if we don’t support the hell out of our local restaurants.


Cafe Pettirosso

Miki and Yuki Sodos’s neighborly spot closed after 27 years on Pike/Pine, citing hardships born of redevelopment.

Seven Stars Pepper

One of the city’s formative Sichuan restaurants found its location in Little Saigon’s Ding How Center untenable.


Dacha Diner

On March 27, one of the most distinct, enjoyable restaurants on Capitol Hill said goodbye, due to a poignant confluence of reasons.


Hale’s Ales

The early-era brewpub made it nearly 40 years, including an impactful run in Fremont.


Mt. Bagel

Many considered Roan Hartzog’s offerings to be the pinnacle of Seattle’s burgeoning bagel scene. Hopefully his plans to open a new shop in Bend work out.

Beach Bakery

Okay, this one is personal. One of my favorite bakeries, and a gathering spot for folks in Rainier Beach, served its last PB&J and nanaimo bars on May 28.



A martini-shaking midcentury power hub went on to become a nightlife landmark, awash with lore and great cocktails. The bar’s been closed since a fire in the building, its stuffed cougar stolen and its fate uncertain.



You could map Jonny Silverberg’s brick-and-mortar spot as part of a very enjoyable boom in Jewish delis circa 2018–2019. But Silverberg always fused those traditions with rad creativity. His deli may be closed, but a Schmaltzy’s supper club series carries on.


Has any Seattle restaurant experienced more chapters than Mark Fuller’s West Seattle flagship? Fuller let go of the space that originally housed Spring Hill as he focuses on different business models. But Ma‘ono’s fried chicken sandwiches still exist via Rachel’s Ginger Beer and a kitchen at the Admiral Benbow Room.

Zippy’s Giant Burgers

Staffing, inflation, and an unreasonable landlord” spelled the end of this singular White Center burger spot. Fans begged for trucks or a popup, but owner Blaine Cook said he’s focused on music at the moment.


Super Six

Respect for Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison for choosing a path that’s more tenable for their business. Sorrow for a world without those chicken and bubble waffles. Relief that the former auto garage is now open once again as a Marination outpost.


Sawyer's s'more choco taco has been a mainstay since the restaurant opened.

Image: Jane Sherman



Few restaurants in town were as universally beloved. But owner Mitch Mayers is apparently as good at making tough but necessary decisions as he is at making monkey bread and ‘nduja queso. He closed his Ballard restaurant to find a life that includes more time with his family; hopefully we haven’t seen the last of him.

Joe Bar

Wylie Bush built one of those places that exceeded the sum of its parts: a cafe in the endlessly charming Loveless building that nurtured the neighborhood and sustained a lot of laptop-driven creativity. Though a friend once saw a guy show up with an actual typewriter—always a bold choice. Its last day was October 25.

Kedai Makan

When word got out the Capitol Hill Malaysian restaurant would close at the end of October, the lines went from “intense” to “downright comical.” Good news: The owners of Hangry Panda have purchased the restaurant and will reopen Kedai in a new location.


Willows Inn

After soaring highs, New York Times investigation–level lows, and a pair of hefty settlements paid out in a class action lawsuit, the Lummi Island restaurant called it quits.

Muriel’s All Day Eats

An all-day Kosher restaurant in partnership with a Chuck’s Hop Shop, all inside a bookstore. Okay, in hindsight maybe it was a little wacky. This sibling of Zylberschtein’s battled a weird physical setup, but the food was on point and it was a great spot for the neighborhood.


Miri’s Golden Gardens

Don’t think of it as a beachfront concession. Consider it a lovely restaurant that just happened to sit on a prime Golden Gardens vantage. Poffertjes, we’ll miss you.

The London Plane

The 10-year lease is up for this seminal Pioneer Square restaurant, and the owners have “given it our all and just can’t make it work anymore.” Can we live in a world where some brave and amazing new restaurant takes over this beautiful space?

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