Aloha, Fries

Columbia City Favorite Super Six Is Closing

The automotively inclined all-day cafe will soon become a Marination outpost.

By Allecia Vermillion August 23, 2022

Marination's owners say Super Six dishes might resurface on occasion. Hopefully that includes these brunch waffles.

Image: Amber Fouts

The owners of all things Marination announced they will soon close Super Six, the reliably great all-day restaurant they run in Columbia City.

Take comfort in this: The former auto garage will reopen as a Marination location (situation…sorry, I’ll stop). The menu and setup will resemble the one at Marination Ma Kai, per a press release. This should come as a relief to fans of Super Six’s loaded-up Aloha Fries, which are also on the menu at Ma Kai. Counter ordering will replace Super Six’s table service; if only that roomy parking lot patio next door could pull off Ma Kai’s Elliott Bay and skyline views. It’s still a great place for cocktails.

The future Marination–Columbia City might revisit some favorite dishes from Super Six on occasion, according to founders Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison. Their official reasons for the changeup involve a renewed emphasis on their roots, and the Marination brand that originally launched as a food truck in the more innocent days of 2009. But from a purely business perspective, it’s surely easier to run a business when all your locations share one concept. “We hope that you see what we will be bringing you is the truest version of ourselves,” says Saxton in the announcement.

Super Six’s last day of service is this Friday, August 26. After that, some remodeling efforts and an unknown quantity of time will turn the place into Marination–Columbia City.

The brunch favorite weathered pandemic restrictions with unusual grace, turning the parking lot next door into festive open-air seating. The service nailed that tricky balance between warm hospitality and low-touch QR codes. The Marination brand has evolved in similar fashion, from its days as one of Seattle’s earliest food trucks (remember when they were on Good Morning America?). Saxton and Edison closed their original brick-and-mortar spot on Capitol Hill in 2020, but the outpost near the Spheres continues to dispense kalua pork tacos and spam fried rice to lunch crowds.

It's never fun to strike a restaurant from Seattle Met’s list of 100 best. But a world with more Marination in it isn’t exactly a bad thing. Aloha to all of it. Meanwhile, you can track opening updates and progress on Marination’s Instagram.

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