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The New Chuck's Hop Shop Is Here...and It Has Bagels

Seward Park is now home to a new kind of Chuck's. One that balances beer with bagels and noshes from Muriel's All Day Eats.

By Allecia Vermillion January 24, 2022

Open...and busy.

Even in our toughest moments, it's hard to write off a city—nay, a world—where a local bookstore shares its walls with beer and bagels.

Put another way, Chuck's Hop Shop and Muriel's All Day Eats are both open inside Third Place Books in Seward Park. Enter the front door and the first thing you see is a coffee counter, and that familiar Chuck's logo on a menu board filled with espresso and cold brew rather than porter and IPA.

In September, Chuck's announced plans for a third location, one that expands its scope beyond a dazzling tap list and shelf after shelf of beer. You'll find both of those in its new digs, but the beer dynamo also tapped a proper restaurant to share this space. Specifically a kosher dairy restaurant from the same folks behind deli and bakery Zylberschtein’s in Pinehurst. Owner Josh Grunig got to know Chuck Shin back when he was just a guy with a bakery popup, operating across the street from the Chuck's Central District outpost. Along the way, Grunig tweaked the restaurant's name from Muri's to Muriel's (in honor of his grandmother).

Beyond that coffee counter, a lineup of 19 taps shares space with the Muriel's ordering counter, and a menu of bagels, schmears, and Israeli-inspired avocado toast. Some noshes, like fries (topped with lemon, chili flakes, and feta, or unadorned with ketchup) and carrot fritters, cater to visitors who are here for the beer. The high ceilings and light wood is a decidedly new aesthetic for Chuck's fans. You won't find racks of chips and gummi candies here, but purists will be relieved to find this Chuck's also has Full Tilt ice cream by the scoop.

The lower level has more classic Chuck's vibes.

When Third Place opened here in 2016, the restaurant side of the equation was known as Raconteur, which also ran a freestanding pub in the basement. Now, head down those wide open stairs and you'll find walls lined with shelves and stacked with cans. Tables scattered in the middle deliver that deeply Seattle sensation of drinking beer in the middle of a warehouse storage room. Over this first weekend, customers congregated down here, upstairs on the airy ground floor, and on the compact patio. Still more showed up to tote cans or bagels (or both) back home.

A bookstore that also houses a bottle shop and bagelry isn't exactly a conventional combo, but it does harness three of Seattle's great strengths (the bagels being a relatively new upside around here) in a room that extends equal welcome to beer geeks, bookworms, and little kids. Here are the current hours for both Chuck's and Muriel's.



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