Practically perfect in every way.

The elusive shop some consider the pinnacle of Seattle’s bagel scene is saying farewell. Mt. Bagel owner Roan Hartzog announced recently that he’s moving the operation to Bend.

“The plan is to fire up the bagel train once I get settled in my new spot,” he said on Instagram. This week marks Mt. Bagel’s final round of preorders. The last bake is May 20.

Hartzog, the former lead singer of Cabana, chose a fairly unconventional second act, shifting from musician to purveyor of audaciously good bagels. Scoring a dozen was once a matter of setting alarms moments before sales went live so you could have your hand poised on the “order” button at just the right moment.

Mt. Bagel showed up when we needed it most, a city with a limited bagel landscape, blissfully unaware that we’d soon be hunkered in our houses, mainlining carbs. Now, of course, the landscape looks different. Rubinstein Bagels has multiple locations. The titanic bread talents at Sea Wolf are planning a bagel operation in Montlake. Loxsmith Bagels has big plans for Beacon Hill; farther south, Muriel’s has opened alongside Chuck’s Hop Shop at Third Place Books, aligning powerful Seattle forces new and old—books, beer, and bagels. We have an official bagel documentarian in the form of J. Kenji López-Alt. Even the former Porkchop and Co. has embraced its bagel-making persona to become Rachel’s Bagels and Burritos.

Even when Mt. Bagel graduated from itinerant bagel delivery to a permanent bakery in Ballard, it remained nigh impossible to score an order, at least without help from a bot. Still, the bagel scene will feel a little different without Hartzog in it. All we can do is thank him for the calories, for upping the game—and move on to more attainable obsessions, like Tomo reservations or Hamilton tickets.

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