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Lil Woody's Burger Month Is Here

You've probably given up on that healthy eating resolution by now, anyway.

By Zoe Sayler January 27, 2020

Dinner is served.

Hope you're not too tied to those New Year's resolutions: Starting Tuesday, Lil Woody’s is poised to take over your meal plan. For a month.

That's right. Burger Month is nearly here.

Each year, the Seattle burger chain rounds up top local chefs' takes on the humble burger, each of which is served for a week at every Lil Woody’s location. We're entering a warm-up phase—Tuesday through February 3, you can pick up the “fan favorite” from last year’s burger bash, the pulled pork “Sarap Sandwich” crafted by chef Melissa Miranda (whose popular popup, Musang, just opened its brick and mortar earlier this month).

Then, on February 4, the full festivities begin. Here's what you need to know about the burgers and the people who dreamt them up.

Brady Williams (Canlis): Good Old Burger

February 4–February 10

It feels perfect that the head chef at Seattle's fanciest restaurant kept his creation burger-bar classic: fry sauce, American cheese, yubeshi onions (there's that gourmand sensibility). The headline on this article may as well be "James Beard's Best Northwest Chef Makes a Freaking Burger." 


Eric Rivera (Addo): Boricua Burger

February 11–February 17

This double-picadillo-patty burger feels like all-things Rivera rolled into one, from the burger expertise (he developed the menu at Great State) to the precarious-looking stack (there's that experimental bent). The ingredients and name draw from his experience as a Puerto Rican growing up in Olympia: Sazon, plantain chips, “lots of sauce.” 


Logan Cox (Homer): The Homersapien

February 18–February 24

Each week of Burger Month strays further from the classic beef burger; but this one, a lamb patty with chanterelle mushrooms, whipped garlic, and date ketchup, still feels familiar. Props to Cox for zeroing in on Za’atar-spiced Tim’s as the ideal way to emulate Homer's signature "crunchies and sprinkles" approach. Yes, it's still cool to get fries.


Liz Kenyon (Manolin): The Manolin Sandwich

February 25–March 2

From Rupee’s Sri Lankan bar bites to Manolin's South American seafood, Kenyon spends much of her time working far from the Missoula farm where she grew up. This sandwich is a meeting of two worlds: the breaded pork cutlet, a tribute to Montana; the pork, onion, and sweet-bun combo, a nod to Peru.

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