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Seattle Hot Sauces: 4 Fiery Favorites

Local condiments that add a kick to everything.

By Rosin Saez December 23, 2019 Published in the January/February 2020 issue of Seattle Met


Eric Rivera takes a who-cares-about-cohesion approach to his many fermented hot sauce flavors. The fresno, however, is an ideal smoky-spicy companion to eggs.

► Find it: Addo, 6420 24th Ave NW

Ballyhoo Hot Sauce Co.

Spice king Syd Suntha crafts sauces that aren’t “burn your face off” hot, which means the habanero citrus goes with damn near anything.

► Find it: Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop, DeLaurenti

Friendly Fire Sauce

A sweet tang from tamarind meets ghost pepper’s infernal punch for the best thing to rev up soft-scrambled oeufs.

► Find it: Albertsons, DeLaurenti


The Ballard-born condiment often graces diner tables next to the usual spicy suspects. Its other three flavors are worthy egg-toppers, but hatch is mild and most versatile.

► Find it: Cone and Steiner, QFC

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