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9 Reasons to Day Drink at Ben Paris

Cocktails for every type of morning imbiber.

By Rosin Saez December 23, 2019 Published in the January/February 2020 issue of Seattle Met

Image: Amber Fouts

Inside the State Hotel downtown, brunch—savory ham and cheese hand pies, towering fried chicken sandwiches, still-trendy avocado toast—is reason enough to visit. But a stately, brass-bedecked bar issues morning tipples that skew classic or feel singular or, why not, come served in a large vintage punch bowl from beverage director Abigail Gullo’s personal collection. Is it time for a drink yet?

1. Millennium Falco

The Holy Grail of brunch drinks with Italian bitters, housemade Caffe Ladro cold brew, and bitter lemon soda.

2. Gin Griffey Juniper

Named for the former Mariners player because it’s an herbaceous, berry-filled home run.

3. BP Bloody Mary

An exclusively made spice blend from NY buoys this truly well-done version from the brunch cocktail canon.

4. Espresso Martini

Created to wake you up, then get you sloshed, with vodka. (It does.) Here the classic drink’s updated with chicory coffee liqueur for depth.

5. Red Witch

A potion of tequila and pinot noir with a pink peppercorn ice cube, which, when it melts, adds a bit of spicy magic.

6. Ben Paris Spritz

Berry- and lemongrass-infused Aperol plus lemongrass cider equals not your run-of-the-mill spritz.

7. Pretty Sultry Lullaby

A take on the PSL that looks like an old-fashioned but drinks like boozy nitro black tea with hints of bergamot and grapefruit.

8. Pacific Rim Mule

Fortified wine is the aromatic backbone and ingredient tweak to this cocktail standard (vermouth replaces the typical vodka). The familiar zing of ginger beer, however, remains.

9. Punch Service

After a breezy quiz about flavor preferences, bartenders concoct a tiki-style beverage inside a large format booze bowl for four. Yes, those are edible flowers floating on top.

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