The meat goes on at the new Salumi.

The History: In 2009, Hajime Sato thrust his West Seattle sushi bar into unfamiliar, more tenable waters, making Mashiko the city’s first all-sustainable sushi restaurant.

The Handoff: Sato moved to Detroit to focus on his wife’s health; in June 2019, he sold the restaurant to three longtime employees—Allison Hill, and chefs Brandon Wicks and Mariah Kmitta.

What’s New: The kitchen is making more ingredients in house, which is great, but the new online reservation option? That’s a game changer.

The History: Estonian-born baker Vladimir Kotelnikov and his wife, Zina, started selling his native stuffed pastry specialties at a counter in Pike Place Market in 1992.

The Handoff: The Kotelnikovs’ son, Oliver, ran the business for years with his now-former wife, Olga Sagan. She took it over completely in January 2018.

What’s New: Sagan’s been busy. She added a food truck and a new location, amped up Northwest vendors (Tillamook cheese; beef from Double R Farms), and reworked the dough recipe this spring to add several vegan options.

The History: Boeing retiree turned cured meat maestro Armandino Batali opened his tiny Italian deli in 1999, later a family affair with daughter Gina and son-in-law Brian D’Amato.

The Handoff: When Gina and Brian started contemplating retirement, a pair of food lovers and Harvard MBAs named Clara Veniard and Martinique Grigg impressed them enough to approve a sale.

What’s New: Well, that bigger, brighter new location in Pioneer Square, for starters. A new production facility in Kent should end those holiday salumi shortages.

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